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At Villa Stephanie literally everybody goes the extra mile. It's a life changing experience.

Kate - March 2020

Villa Stephanie was perfect in every way. Being in Baden Baden gave many a diversion as it is a beautiful, charming town with a quality of life one can hardly believe. The Spa was so clean and comfortable, the food a tribute to the cook as it was all gluten free and lactose free and each night we had a delicious variation of bites and tastes. I thought the treatments were very good. The medical team were so up to date and so interested in all kinds of healing that I’ve decided to change my doctor here in the UK. It is not often that they are both allopathic and homeopathic and alternative as the Villa Stephanie team were. My joy was having nature so close and that one could swim in the best pool ever while looking out over the Lichtentaler Allee covered with crocus.

Charles - February 2016

I went to Villa Stephanie for the Vitality Detox, and I can say as the name suggests I certainly feel revitalised now! I loved the way the detox diet and exercise sessions were complimented by more pampering treatments, making it a much more enjoyable detox experience than others I have had before. I particularly loved the digital detox option available, it felt so good to be able to switch off from everything and just enjoy the peace and quiet, and the beautiful surroundings of course!

Lydia - September 2015

I wanted the results of the detox without necessarily having to go through the suffering you hear often comes with one, so Healing Holidays recommended I try the Medical Detox at Villa Stephanie. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised, despite being placed on a detox diet I didn't feel hungry and unsatisfied, and the different treatments you receive during your stay make it even more enjoyable. I feel so much better after my week spent at Villa Stephanie and feel encouraged to maybe even try a more intense form of detox in the future!

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