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Sam Kankanamge BSc (Hons) Osteo, DPO, Dip.Acu is a truly extraordinary healthcare professional of world renown. This accolade, gained over 25 years successfully treating in excess of 10,000 patients, has been further established not only by his uniquely 360-degree medical and holistic expertise, but also through the rare integrity he dedicates internationally to his vision of future well-being for all.

“My work is growing people’s energy”, Sam says. “Helping change their way of life is my skill, my passion.”

Although The Times of London has called him “The best back specialist in the country”, and he is registered with the General Osteopathic Council, holding post-graduate qualifications from the BSO in Paediatric Cranial Osteopathy as well as Acupuncture, these credentials only touch on Kankanamge’s healing philosophy. An ethos honed by two pivotal influences:

His earliest mentor and teacher was Anton Jayasuriya, the legendary Sri Lankan who introduced Acupuncture from China to the West, and ploughed back earnings from his best-selling ‘Bible of Acupuncture’ into treating a reputed million people free of charge.

If Sam’s next great inspiration proved to be more down to earth, it was equally dramatic and perhaps even more important – his Paediatric training in London neo-natal units: Caring for, nurturing and helping to save severely premature babies through extremely gentle, touch-sensitive cranial techniques. Two of these young patients still even see him today – now aged 18 and 19!

“That experience inspired me to do what I do. To treat children is a very important part of my work”, states Kankanamge.

It’s no wistful claim: He runs a weekly free treatment afternoon for children and their parents, and has launched the Sen Wellness Foundation – which funds further free clinics throughout the UK and South Asia.

In parallel, following the successful hosting of regular wellness retreats in Ibiza, Italy and France, a dedicated, eco-constructed Sen Wellness health resort is now open in the beautiful deep south of Sri Lanka.

Naturally enough, Kankanamge seamlessly combines western and eastern and philosophies into his overall treatments vision: In diagnosis, he first uses structural and scientific analysis before moving on to more holistic hands-on osteopathy. Through the latter, he gains more information on, for example, patients’ emotional stress patterns or specific blockages.

The care journey is then continued by employing patient-specific bespoke treatment packages – which may variously include ancient energetic healing, ayardic-yogic, chi-gong and even shamanic techniques. Crucially, these are designed not just to cure – but to empower the sufferer.

Although Sen Wellness is centred in the exalted medical environs of London’s Harley & Wimpole Streets, Sam explains his belief that health is a journey as the reason he keeps patient prices determinedly low:

“I like the fact we have a broad range of clients – from new-born babies to public figures, exhausted mums to city business leaders. Plus, we charge half the norm because to get maximum benefit, people often need more than one treatment.”

The Sen Wellness Clinic is indeed a special place. Just stepping through the door, one immediately senses slowing down into a near-spiritual oasis of cleansing calm, a million miles from traditional Marylebone and the West End hubbub beyond. Patients report it as a place where positive energy is created, on which they can thrive – and recover. For Kankanamge though, this is a two-way street:

“I’m just grateful to have acquired knowledge and wisdom from my patients over the last quarter of a century!”

This inclusively holistic attitude, focusing as it does on energy flows, is perhaps the best concluding indicator of Kankanamge’s world-class brand of intelligent contemporary healthcare for all.

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