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Dr Harald Stossier is Director of the prestigious VIVAMAYR Maria Worth medi-clinic in Austria. Dr Stossier and his team of dynamic, medically-trained doctors combine Modern Mayr Medicine with advanced diagnostics, holistic medical treatments, orthomolecular medicine and meticulous diet plans. The clinic focuses on achieving excellent long-term health through preventative medicine, strict detox plans and individualised treatment programmes. 

Dr Stossier began to study medicine at the suggestion of his wife. During his studies, he saw that traditional medicine had limitations, and over time, he learnt that it was possible to achieve better health for patients through diagnostic and individualised treatment and diet plans, in accordance with Mayr Medicine principles. He recalls, "I quickly realised I wasn't one of those typical medical students who just read the books and learnt by rote; I felt very strongly my place belonged in complementary medicine."  

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Dr Stossier studied medicine at the University of Innsbruck and University of Graz, graduating in 1987. He trained in different departments at hospitals in Klagenfurt and Wolfsberg, Austria. Upon graduation, he worked with Dr Erich Rauch, who studied under Dr F.X. Mayr. He explains, "Dr Rausch talked about intestinal cleansing as a real health issue. It seemed so perfectly logical to me, and I quickly realised how important this message was for everyone." Dr Stossier practised medicine at Dr Rauch's old Mayr Clinic Gesundheitszentrum Dellach am Worthersee, Austria, ascending to Head Physician in 1992. He remained there until 2003 before taking his current post of Medical Director at VIVAMAYR Maria Worth Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine in Austria. 

Dr Stossier has a global reputation for his work. He regularly lectures doctors, complementary practitioners and therapists on how to integrate complementary medicine on a day-to-day basis. His areas of expertise include infertility, cardiovascular risk, irritable bowel syndrome, parasites, heavy metal detoxification, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes and hypoglycemia. Dr Stossier has over 20 years of voluntary service with the Austrian Medical Association and has served as President of both the International Medical Society for Applied Kinesiology and the Platform Orthomolecular Medicine. 

1. Why do you think the Mayr Cure has become so popular again in recent years?

I think that Mayr medicine has always been popular but in the last couple of years, people have become more aware of their health. They are willing to invest time and money into their health and they also are aware that health is in our self-responsibility. So people are now willing to care about their health more than before. Also, we have the situation in the medical field that people are interested in complementary medicine, and Modern Mayr Medicine is part of those complementary fields and helps people to solve different problems in a very natural and simple way. In addition to that, in 2016 the Nobel Prize was awarded to a Japanese researcher who found that Autophagia has a genetic background. This is the process of self-cleansing, self-healing and self-illumination of toxins in the body which can be activated by fasting as the strongest influence. This is what we have been doing in Modern Mayr Medicine for over 100 years. We put people on a fasting regime and on a detoxification regime in order to treat different diseases and that is important, too. The scientific word recognizes Modern Mayr Medicine as a strategy, as a therapeutic tool to treat different diseases and so, in these two ways Modern Mayr Medicine becomes very popular again and people are making use of the possibilities to treat different diseases by Modern Mayr Medicine.

2. What if anything is unique about VIVAMAYR’s interpretation of the Mayr Cure?

The VIVAMAYR strategy is very unique. First of all, we have adapted the diagnostics and therapy according to Mayr into the modern medical world. This means we have combined the diagnostics of Mayr with functional myo-diagnostics and orthomolecular medicine. This allows us to be very quick and very direct with individualizing the problems and the diagnostic tools. We can see the diagnostic according to Mayr, the irritation of the intestine and in the functional myo-diagnostics, we can clarify the cause of the irritation. Maybe it is caused by inflammation because of bacterial overgrowth, or parasite infection, or food intolerance, or other different reasons. We also quickly can see the need for different minerals and vitamins which would be then treated by the principles of orthomolecular medicine. So VIVAMAYR’s strategy is to combine the traditional diagnostics according to Mayr with the modern scientifically proven methods of complementary medicine. Especially in the therapy, we also have very unique treatments, for example, to give IV drip of minerals and vitamins in order to help people very quickly with deficiencies or we also treat certain diseases by using oxygen therapy, laser treatment or others. So the combination of traditionally used naturopathic treatments and modern complementary medicine is very unique at VIVAMAYR and helps us to help people very quickly, very intensively but in an absolutely individualized way.

3. How do you think the Mayr Cure can help combat the modern-day problems that people are facing - Fatigue/Poor Digestion/Depression?

The intention is to motivate people to continue the most important strategies and rules of VIVAMAYR principles. 

VIVAMAYR's strategy and treatment focus on intestinal problems. We want to cleanse the intestine as the main organ by serving the best quality of food ingredients to our body. If the intestine works perfectly, all the other cells of the organ have the possibility to work in their best way. Additionally to that, we do a very intensive and individualized cleansing, so this helps to illuminate toxins and different metabolic by-products from maldigestive processes as well as metabolic problems. In this combination, eating the right things in the right way and cleansing the body, it is very easy to eliminate these toxins and to help the body to work much better. This is the basis in medical treatment to help people with all the different civilisatoric diseases you mentioned above.

4. Do you think the Mayr Cure is suitable for everyone, and how often should you visit a Mayr clinic?

I would say the principles of the VIVAMAYR eating habit is not only suitable for everyone, it is necessary to follow to stay as healthy as possible. VIVAMAYR is also focusing on treatments and we treat people with different diseases by implementing the principles of VIVAMAYR eating habits. That’s the difference and we also do a lot of medical strategies for detoxification and to illuminate and to reduce different complaints. But yes, the principles of a healthy eating habit should be implemented by everyone in their daily lives.

5. What basic Mayr principles could we easily incorporate into our daily lives, when we are eating on the run and have little time for ourselves?

The simplest thing is to look at eating habits. Eat slowly, chew well, enjoy your meals but take time to enjoy your meals. Also, offer your organs enough time to metabolize and digest what you have eaten, so it doesn’t make sense to eat a lot in between. Maximum of three meals a day would be perfect. Also, respect the natural rhythm. We all know that we have more capacity to digest food in the morning and less in the evening. So it does not make sense to have a heavy meal late in the evening. Drink a lot but drink in between your meals. This is important not to dissolve your saliva which you need to digest your food perfectly during your mealtimes. Also, take care of alkaline acidity balance which is important because most of our civilisatoric diseases are related to hyperacidity. I think that is very simple and can be implemented every time from every person in our lives.

6. You recently opened a clinic in Harley Street, how does it complement your two medical spas in Austria?

Yes, we opened in Harley Street which is an excellent satellite for our two clinics in Austria. Now we have the possibility to offer a kind of aftercare, that means when people have been to us in Austria we can see them and check them in a couple of weeks after they return from Austria. So we can optimize the therapies and we also can offer a kind of follow up and help people in their daily routine with different medical issues. And on the other side, we also can see people who are interested in our service in Austria, and explain to them what to expect and also give them a first initial examination to show our way of diagnostics and therapies.

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