Weight Management, Diabetes Prevention & Heart Health

The Farm at San Benito , Philippines
Exclusive to Healing Holidays

The Farm’s approach to the management of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and stress is to resolve the root cause of the dysfunction and to bring the body back to a natural state of balance.

This intensive programme consists of diagnostics, detoxification, a nutritional plan to rejuvenate the body at a cellular level, thermal and spa treatments, physical exercise and psycho-emotional sessions to learn natural ways to develop a healthier weight and lifestyle.

As part of your programme, you will also enjoy access to the Farm's schedule of complimentary group activities, including yoga and meditation.

  • You'll lose weight
  • They'll help to reverse effects of Type 2 diabetes
  • They'll help to optimise your overall health and wellbeing
Sharing from £3329.00£3329.00 pp
Singles from £4099.00£4099.00 pp

Including transfers, accommodation, full board and a 6 night programme

Standard Inclusions
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board
6 Nights

This 6-night programme has the below inclusions. For more explanation on any of the wellness treatments please refer to our Glossary.

  • Daily nutritional support
  • 1x Holistic health consultation (60 mins)
  • 1x Brain biofeedback (60 mins)
    This is based on research of the electromagnetic fields of living things carried out in various laboratories and centres in Japan, Germany, Russia, and the United States. These electromagnetic fields produced by the cells act as fuel for all living processes to maintain physiologic equilibrium. Scientists discovered that cells, tissues, and organs exhibit bioelectrical properties that can change rapidly when illness occurs.
  • 1x Guided meditation (60 mins)
  • 1x Nutritional assessment with the Nutritionist (30 mins)
  • 1x Fitness assessment (30 mins)
  • 1x Acupuncture (60 mins)
  • 1x Ultrasound (Hepatobiliary)
    The hepatobiliary system includes the liver, gallbladder and bile duct.
  • 1x Colon hydrotherapy (60 mins)
  • 1x Vitamin infusion (60 mins)
  • 1x Coffee infusion therapy (60 mins)
    Coffee infusion therapy was popularised by the Gerson Institute in the 1950s when it began incorporating coffee enemas as part of their natural cancer treatments. It involves the gentle injection of an organic coffee solution into the rectum (lower colon) with a soft sterile catheter tube inserted into the anal verge. It is an effective way to enhance the detoxification process.
  • 1x Aqua slimming therapy (60 mins)
    This treatment activates brown fat to generate heat and burn white bad fat cells, which results in weight loss.
  • 1x Hilot massage (90 mins)
    This is a traditional Filipino healing treatment practiced in many regions of the Philippines. With its different styles and strokes this massage aims to stimulate the nerves, increase lung activity, soothe the nervous system, as well as break up deposits found in the joints. This massage applies kneading and some stretching techniques, to help rid you of the heavy weight of stress on the body and leaves you feeling renewed.
  • 1x Kidney cleansing (90 mins)
    The treatment makes use of the skin as the “third kidney” and the body’s largest organ of detoxification to quickly and effectively remove toxins. The specially formulated preparation uses natural ingredients to remove the same toxins from the body that the kidneys have the function of removing, hence decreasing the fatigue of the kidneys. The organic mixture is thickly applied over the entire body and allowed, to extract toxins from the tissues through the skin.
  • 1x Anti-ageing detoxifying facial (90 mins)
  • 1x Acqua relaxation therapy (90 mins)
  • Participation in daily movement & fitness activities: yoga, meditation, power walks, mandala flower arrangement, wellness talks, and more!
  • Use of the resort facilities like swimming pools, meditation pavilions and Pure Energy Gym
Price [01 Jan - 31 Dec]
From £3,329.00 per person for double occupancy
From £4,099.00 per person for single occupancy

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