Upcoming Programmes at Samahita

In addition to Samahita's standard programmes, the retreat has brought together a selection of programmes with long-standing wellness experts to offer guests inspiring health and lifestyle consultations and unique holistic treatments.


Paul Dallaghan 

June 30 - July 13

This practice of pranayama is part of a living tradition. Paul has learnt the full practice in a special one-to-one capacity over the past 20 years with Tiwariji. Tiwariji learnt directly from his teacher, Swami Kuvalayananda, who was an adept and highly accomplished in Pranayama and the science of yoga. He was also a devotee and spent time with his teacher, Madhavadas, on the banks of the Narmada river, also being taught this exact practice of Pranayama. In this way it has been passed on very personally and effectively. Such a tradition survives all books, as it is only experience that ultimately counts. Over the years of study and introspection in this practice. Paul has had the opportunity to better understand it from direct experience and how to help pass it on and help others to practice and teach it better.

This course is designed to help you practice more effectively and understand Pranayama techniques to a deeper degree from both the information given and the depth of practice being done in this purpose-built, dedicated environment. Based on this, you can improve as a practitioner and teacher.

This course does not claim to develop Pranayama teachers but rather to stimulate and increase the foundation and understanding of practice.


Sri. O. P. Tiwari & Paul Dallaghan  

14 - 27 July

This training is focused on the practice of pranayama and will also encourage those ready to further their practice of kriyas. For most, this means getting into the other dhautis and basti. Various options for asana practice are offered. The afternoon lecture sessions will focus on Gorakhnath’s Siddha Siddhantapaddhati followed by open discussion and Q&A.
Gorakhnath is considered the preeminent hatha yogi, supposed to have lived about 1,000 years ago as the famed disciple of the great yogi master Matsyendranath. A few texts are attributed to Gorakhnath. This current rendition of his classic on the body and its secrets is about to be published in English by Kaivalyadham’s philosophico-literary department. It is considered to be the only English translation available. This text goes into great detail on events and happenings in the body, seen esoterically; however, it’s sure to fascinate anyone with a modern understanding of physiology.

It’s more of a manual than a work of philosophy, helping the student, through the teacher, navigate the way and understand practice, its process, and eventual transformations resulting from practice. The Hatha approach has tantric origins but exists as a method appropriate for both those of us living in the world with jobs and families, and for someone secluded and devoted to practice in an ashram or monastery.


Daniel Stringer

July 27 - August 1

This retreat offers the opportunity to practice yoga in-depth with an experienced and inspirational teacher who will share his passion for yoga and personal growth. The focus of the program is to integrate oneself as a person but also to delve deeply into all aspects of a fully rounded yoga practice. This means we’ll be following well structured sessions created to educate and provide experience in all aspects of practice from meditation, pranayama and asana to exploring our deeper sense of self and identity. 

If this news item has got you interested in starting your wellness journey at Samahita  please call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

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