Where To Go For A Christmas & New Year Wellness Holiday During The Coronavirus Pandemic

23/10/2020, Healing Holidays

Whether you're seeking an intense detox or just a relaxing and restorative break, a wellness holiday this Christmas & New Year could still be on the cards despite the Coronavirus pandemic. To help you make this possible, we've selected our top places to go for a Christmas & New Year wellness holiday, so you that you can start the new year in top physical and mental health.


Although a relatively new kid on the block, Euphoria feels as though it has been around forever, offering transformational treatments to those looking for improved physical or emotional wellbeing. It’s Greece’s first Destination Spa and it offers something quite unique; blending medically-focussed treatments with spiritual and emotional healing, it marries Ancient Greek and Chinese philosophies, with the treatments drawn from the five elements - water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The setting couldn’t be more inspiring either as the retreat is set within a private pine forest and spreads out on a cliff in the shadow of Mount Taygetus and the ancient town of Mystras.

Christmas & New Year wellness holiday during the Coronavirus pandemic at Euphoria, Greece.


Sitting in leafy grounds next to the Brenners Hotel in Germany’s Black Forest region, Villa Stéphanie is a sleek mansion house which exudes elegance and a quiet sophistication. Combine this with highly attentive service and state-of-the-art facilities, and you will understand why it’s the most in-demand Medical Spa right now - it’s no wonder that Victoria and David Beckham have made it their go-to place every year. They know they can have a variety of treatments, and services from some of Germany’s top experts such as Dr Harry König, including aesthetics, gynaecology, holistic medicine and multi-functional dentistry. The hotel even has a laboratory, specialist ophthalmology unit and an institute for preventive medicine.

Christmas & New Year wellness holiday during the Coronavirus pandemic at Villa Stéphanie, Germany.


Hidden deep in Germany’s beautiful Bavarian Alps, Schloss Elmau is perfect for solo travellers, couples, and families alike. Home to not one spa, but six, including the largest Hammam west of Istanbul, there are various heated pools, saunas and a spa menu featuring a selection of soothing and healing treatments ranging from Abhyanga to Shiatsu, Thai massages to Hammam scrubs. However, there’s more to Schloss Elmau than just its fantastic spa offering. There’s also an extensive range of culinary delights and activities to enjoy too, including hiking, mountain biking, Yoga classes, Pilates, Tai Chi, cross-country skiing and tennis. Be sure to also check out a performance at Schloss Elmau’s very own concert hall, which plays host to more than 200 concerts each year.

Christmas & New Year wellness holiday during the Coronavirus pandemic at Schloss Elmau, Germany.


Ice cool and minimalist, SHA Wellness Clinic may be as sexy and stylish as any resort on the Med, but don’t let that fool you - this is a serious medical clinic offering a plethora of programmes and medical diagnostics. You can do it all here, from genetic testing or a sleep-recovery programme to weight-loss and detox. There's a programme to stop smoking, lots of treatments to combat stress, and an assembly of experts on hand; dozens of doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, extremely talented acupuncturists and inspiring chefs. Best of all, they currently include COVID-19 travel insurance with all bookings.

Christmas & New Year wellness holiday during the Coronavirus pandemic at SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain.


Mayr medicine is based on the theory that modern syndromes often have their origins in the digestive system, and so in-the-know devotees flock to VIVAMAYR Altaussee and VIVAMAYR Maria Worth, knowing that symptoms are often improved or eliminated the Mayr way - via diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. They also attract those on the hunt for weight-loss, which is a happy by-product. The lakeside locations of the Mayr clinics make the discomfort of detoxing more palatable, with alpine air, scenic walks & wild swimming all in abundance, and with their new Immune Boost programme, they are the places to go to turbo-charge your immune system.

Christmas & New Year wellness holiday during the Coronavirus pandemic at Vivamayr Altaussee & Vivamayr Maria Worth, Austria.


High on a vine-lined hilltop in Lombardy lies the ivy-clad L’Albereta, brim full of classic Italian glamour. It’s here you come to follow the Henri Chenot programme, a concept that fuses Nutrigenetic Testing with Chinese Medicine. There are daily deep lymphatic draining massages and meridian-boosting jet baths to kick start sluggish organs and get your energy levels fired up. The food is mouse-like morsels of delicious alkaline cuisine, served crucially in a separate dining room away from the temptations of their other glorious eateries. There is a gentle exercise programme to get you moving, daily classes to keep you occupied, and a terrific Spa where you can go to beautify with some great non-invasive treatments.

Christmas & New Year wellness holiday during the Coronavirus pandemic at L’Albereta, Italy.


This family-run marvel specialises in traditional Ayurvedic healing; everything from the food to the forms of treatments & exercises, with even the interiors, based on the principles of this ancient system of medicine. The main event at Ayurveda Parkschlosschen is their Panchakarma detox cure - starting from 10 days, this intense programme aims to help you achieve top physical and mental form by ridding the body of toxins and metabolic waste. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but it certainly does deliver exceptional results. For those wanting something a little gentler, the spa also offers yoga, stress management and short-stay programmes.

Christmas & New Year wellness holiday during the Coronavirus pandemic at Ayurveda Parkschlosschen, Germany.


Palacio Estoril, one of the Grande old Dames of European splendour, is a property that has kept its’ great old traditions, glamour and superlative service, but which is now also home to a knock-out modern Spa. The three-storey Spa is a medically-minded, results-driven healthy haven that tackles all sorts of issues head-on – from weight loss & detoxing, to physical rehabilitation and fitness. There are 12 treatment rooms, a dynamic pool, Hamman, Turkish bath, saunas, jet showers, sensation showers and steam room, plus an assembly of experts; Doctors, Nutritionists, Osteopaths, fitness trainers and Physiotherapists, who will all assist to devise a programme to nourish you inside and out.

Where To Go For A Christmas & New Year Wellness Holiday During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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