Mustique … where Mother Nature reveals her joy

Following a recent visit to the Caribbean Island of Mustique, Ila Spa Founder Denise Leicester shares her experience of the island's healing energies and explains why it is the perfect setting for Ila Spa's Inaugural retreat.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” has never resonated with me so profoundly as on my recent trip to Mustique.  I set off expecting to find a sophisticated, manicured island – but what I found completely blew me away.

To me, Mustique is like a Bohemian Princess.  It’s a truly magical place, so beautiful that it’s as if Mother Nature decided to use the island to show her joy to the world. A place where turtles have been coming to lay their eggs for thousands of years; where wild tortoises roam free; where some of the most sacred and healing trees of life like the Baobab and Moringa thrive; where two oceans meet to create so much ozone that fatigue melts away from mind and body in mere minutes; where bees produce the sweetest and most fragrant honey; where therapists have the softest healing hands and sweetest voices; where the full moon rises so peacefully over the sea; and where the beautiful white beaches and turquoise waters really are just the start of the story…

I fell in love with the island – along with the people that I met there. It’s also my idea of luxury heaven, where everything is exquisitely subtle, refreshingly understated and wonderfully private. I stayed at The Cotton House – the oldest building on the island, a colonial style former cotton warehouse that has been transformed into a world-class boutique hotel.  It’s warm, relaxed and traditional, and I just loved meditating on my experience at the Beach Café, morning fresh smoothie in hand and the energising ocean lapping in front of me. 

On a very personal level, I recently lost my father and have found myself feeling much more vulnerable and sensitive. I experienced the island truly embracing me with its gentle healing energy, and felt its big heart deeply restoring me.  There are very few places on this earth that have touched me like this and I’m so excited about my upcoming retreat there:  a week of outdoor adventures, inner journeys, soulful food, rejuvenating open-air treatments and wellbeing rituals.  Mustique is a place where yoga and healing flow so effortlessly, so perfectly in harmony with our healing ila rituals. Combined with the divinely prepared organic vegan and raw foods of super chef Amy Oliver, it’s going to be pure alchemy for the mind, body and soul. 

Ila Spa’s inaugural retreat on Mustique Island will take place 10 – 17 November 2014. Speak to one of our wellness consultants on 020 7843 3597 or email

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