Maintaining Aerobic Fitness While Travelling

Fitness Guru and Guest Blogger, Jamie Baird, shares some tips on how to stay in shape while you are on the road.

It can be very easy to let the shortest trip get in the way of your current fitness schedule. We have all been there before, packed our trainers and kit with all the intentions in the world to train, however it’s not unusual to return home with an unused kit.

Maintaining a workout routine whilst away can make it a lot easier to get straight back into training when you return home. Missing your training for a day or two can sometimes lead to missing training for a several days or even weeks.

Most of hotels across world now have gym facilities available for use, however the standard of the gym can sometimes vary considerably. If the gym is not up to the standard that you are used to then there are several ways to get around it.


If you enjoy running then what a better way to see parts of a city you would usually miss. Speak with the concierge and ask them if they have a running map, where the local park is or even a map of the hotels location so that you can plan your own running route. If this is not possible then consider an “out & back” run. Run away from the hotel for 15-20mins, turn around and run back in a quicker time.

Don’t forget if you don’t like running then speed walking has just as many benefits. Always take details of the hotel with just in case you do get lost!!


It can be very difficult to get a substantial aerobic workout in the room, however if you have packed a skipping rope then you can. 15mins of skipping will be enough to get the heart pumping and help maintain your current fitness level. If skipping alone is to intense then intersperse every 100skips with some bodyweight exercises like, crunches, squats, lunges and press us. Skipping in room is also great if time is a limiting factor.

If the hotel has several floors then a run up and down the staircase is a fine way to work the heart and lungs.


Stick to what you know, keep it simple and then you won’t waste valuable time. For a hard effective workout do some “Interval Training”. Choose a piece of cardiovascular equipment, warm up for 2-3mins, then push the pace hard for 1min, ease off for a min and then repeat up to 8-10x. Don’t forget to cool down and stretch afterwards.

If the gym is not what you expected then ask the concierge if they have a local gym that they may be affiliated to.


Swimming is a great option is the pool is large enough. Many hotel pools are like giant bathtubs; two strokes and you’re at the other side. If the pool is large enough to do lengths then try 1 length easy (breaststroke), 2 lengths hard (front crawl), 1 length arms only, 1 length legs only. Set yourself a goal i.e. 50lengths



By Jamie Baird


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