Lefay Resort & Spa Review by Anna

20/02/2019, Emily Barnes

Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda is a five-star luxury destination spa, quite literally built into the rolling hill so as not to disturb the natural space. Lefay is considerate. From the very essence of the property’s construction (use of renewable energy source for seriously reduced carbon emission), through to the wonderfully accommodating and kind staff; once you enter Lefay, you enter a cedar-scented serenity where you just know your needs will be met.

I am welcomed, given my spa schedule and shown to my room. Lefay is an all-suite property, and even in the lead-in category you will find a walk-in wardrobe and a huge bathtub with a cutaway window, so you may bathe with a view of the lake (with blinds of course!). I find chocolate-covered coffee beans on the nightstand and beautiful toiletries. All rooms come with views of the lake and mountains, and we have French doors leading straight out into the grass. 

The emphasis on total relaxation is palpable. I am anxious, and I am tired. At my arrival consultation, the Doctor asks me a few questions, feels my pulse, and gently tells me that while I am healthy, I am also headstrong. She says when one rides a horse, you can only exert it so much, and you are considerate not to push it too hard. I am pushing my horse too hard, and am advised to listen to my body.

I settle myself almost instantly in the 3,800sqm spa. I drink cups of infused detox water, don my disposable paper bikini and doze in the rosewater-scented ladies sauna under a canopy of twinkling star lights. The Haman leaves me pink and glowing. I float in silence for 20 minutes in the  Salt Lake, a small hot pool in an illuminated salt grotto while the glowing paper moon shines above me and the toxins leave my skin. From the itinerary of complimentary classes, I sample Hatha yoga and swiftly decide to stick to weight-lifting. It seems to do me better to expel noisy thoughts.

When I do enter the treatment room, my therapist Patrizia asks my preference on light, scent and sound. Under her expert hands, I receive a tuina massage to re-balance my liver and my heart (at my Doctor’s recommendation).

I opted not to be on the lower-calorie spa menu as my current fitness goals dictate I eat in a surplus (fine by me), so I sample and savour all varieties of the sumptuous food on offer. Think pillowy gnocchi on minestrone, pumpkin and cheese ravioli with black truffle, a lemon and white chocolate mousse served impressively over dry ice. I do sample the spa menu, and I’m impressed. If you are on a higher protein or carbohydrate-rich diet, you may not get on with it.

Buffet breakfast in the top-floor restaurant will have you feeling as if you are dining in the clouds. Sit in your robe, peek the snow-capped mountain with a green tea, and exhale.

I (somewhat reluctantly) depart Lefay, feeling scrubbed clean and well cared for, and quite different to a few days’ previous. My time here was short but has a lasting impact.

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