How A healthy Lifestyle Can Help With Depression

17/10/2017, Lefay Resort & Spa


Ever since the dawn of modern civilisation, we have been fighting depression and various mental conditions. Historical documents point to the existence of depression as a health problem for ages and we have made a perpetual struggle to obtain efficient techniques for treating this disorder. Sowa Rigpa, also known as Tibetan healing, is as traditional to Tibet as Ayurveda is to India and traditional Chinese medicine to China. Historically, Sowa Rigpa was influenced by both Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine and bears similarities to both. It also encompasses a unique understanding of compassion and the mind rooted in Tibetan Buddhism.


Even though a couple of millennia have passed, we still fight with the same or even worse problems that often lead to depression. Depression can be triggered by so many things depending on the individual. It can be to do with a stressful event going on in their lives such as financial troubles, a heavy workload, family problems or it can be brought on by something less apparent like the changing seasons. One way in which you can positively impact your depression is through developing a healthier lifestyle. 


Physical activity helps in the process of healing from various diseases and conditions. Many studies have proven that exercise is a natural antidepressant; an effective treatment for anxiety, and depression. It has been shown that systematic exercise, combined with a healthy diet, can maintain mental balance. Recent scientific evidence shows that physical exercise has therapeutic benefits on various levels of depression. This is due to the secretion of certain hormones like serotonin and endorphin. Exercise helps in cases of anxiety or intense anger by helping to reduce negative thoughts and relaxing the musculature. 


Yoga, running, cycling and swimming are the best activities to release stress, improve stamina and help your body feel physically stronger. These activities burn a lot of calories, reduce food cravings and decrease the risks of heart disease. Studies have shown that yoga improves sleep, which contributes to good health in general. However, what most people don't associate with exercise is meditation, a technique that exercises the mind to promote relaxation and has significant positive effects on your physical and mental wellbeing. 


Exercise together with exposure to sunlight is directly related to an increase in serotonin, a substance associated with well-being and good mood. While natural sunlight is ideal, you can also purchase a lightbox for when sunshine is not available. 


Diet is such an important component of mental health, a poor diet can contribute to depression in several ways. Studies have found that a diet which is low in omega 3 and high in sugar is often associated with depression. There are many ways to help depression with nutrition. Simple changes such as avoiding caffeine and alcohol can make a significant impact on your mental wellbeing. Other alterations such as have a higher intake of unprocessed plants, whole grains, seeds and nuts can also positively improve your overall mood. 

Even though we live in an era of great scientific and technological break-through, medication and heavy drugs do not have to be the very first option when it comes to depression. With a few changes, our lives can become more positive.

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