Four of Our Favourite Spas for Emotional Healing

There seems to be a spa for every ailment these days, whether you want to stop smoking, lose weight or even recover from surgery – physical healing is more than taken care of. But what about our emotional healing? Fast-paced jobs and lives are ruling the roost, and while we may have time for a quick yoga retreat, we seem to be neglecting one of the most important aspects of health and wellness – mental wellbeing. 

The key to emotional or mental wellbeing is being in touch with, and understanding, the emotions and stresses that dominate your life. Through this understanding, the aim is to find positive ways to embrace or change these emotions and stresses, in order for your life to be more harmonious. These stresses and emotional discontent can also manifest in physical ways, from sleep deprivation to weight gain, and even migraines. The following spas address all aspects of emotional well-being in their various retreats, albeit with different approaches. It won’t always be the easiest journey, but it will be one you’ll be glad you made.


1. Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary

This haven of spirituality is so revered that even Buddhist monks come to Kamalaya, so even without its revolutionary Embracing Change programme, you will be in for a dose of emotional healing. The unprecedented programme features the usual injections of Chinese medicine that we’ve come to see from Kamalaya, while also including several personal lifestyle consultations and massages. Aimed at those going through times of trouble, the programme quite literally wants you to embrace the changes in your life in order to regain a positive outlook. We could all learn something from it.

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2. SHA Wellness Clinic

Sleek, gleaming, modern SHA, as a medispa, might not be an obvious choice for a spot of emotional wellbeing – however, the Anti-Stress programme could be just what the doctor ordered. Geared at those experiencing stress-related symptoms such as migraines, anxiety and fatigue; the programme combines medical checks and consultations with mindfulness therapy, acupuncture and psychotherapy. The prescribed macrobiotic SHA diet will only help this re-boot of body and mind, and a personalised health plan will keep you on track when you get back home.

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3. Vair Spa at Borgo Egnazia

Muted hues of yellow and gold await you at Vair Spa. Think twinkling candlelight, soft music, natural stone and therapists that seem to float from treatment to treatment – just walking into the spa decreases stress levels exponentially. But for true emotional healing, there is only one man you should want to see – Stefano, Vair Spa’s resident shaman and general emotional wellbeing expert. His psycho-physical approach utilises ortho-bionomy (gentle manipulation and pressure applied to areas of the body, to release pain and encourage self-healing) as well as therapeutic discussions. Often, deep dark memories bubble up to the surface, resulting in a sometimes overwhelming emotional breakthrough. But like any good cry, you feel much better afterwards.

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4. Chiva-Som

Chiva-Som, the grande dame of spas, has been open for 20 years and is undoubtedly one of the utmost authorities on spa and wellness. The Inner Peace Retreat utilises the powerful stress-buster of exercise, from personal training to traditional yoga classes, to help even the most tightly-wound melt into a sleepy puddle. Meditation techniques using Pranayama (a gentle yoga breathing exercise) will soothe the stress from your mind, and a wide selection of holistic treatments ranging from crystal therapy to Reiki will leave your body feeling equally relaxed.

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