Emotional Healing with Meditation & Mindfulness

Stuart Bold - Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness skills and knowledge are highly beneficial for both emotional healing and also emotional resilience. In my own coaching, I provide my clients with a dual-focused approach; using meditation techniques and mindfulness knowledge to provide a ‘rapid response’ tool in moments of need (sadness, depression, worry, anger etc.) and to provide skills to enable them to strengthen their ability to avoid getting swept up and overwhelmed by such emotions in the first place.

There are many ‘rapid response’ techniques and all are grounded in underlying meditation techniques. Learning meditation techniques is easy and straightforward - and just one of the many benefits is the ability to ‘step out’ of what is called an emotional hijack state of mind. In moments of stress, worry, anxiety and highly charged emotions, we are literally hijacked by a part of our brain that steps into the driving seat and sets the governing ‘state of mind’. We become the emotion. Meditation techniques and overlapping mindfulness knowledge enable us to ‘step out of’ the emotional hijack. They allow a different part of our brain to take the driving seat and enable us to move towards a state of equilibrium, calm and clarity. This is the approach that forms the foundation for ‘rapid response’ tools, which have such benefit at actual moments of need when feeling overwhelmed or caught up by emotions.

Then there is the underlying knowledge and awareness that strengthen our ability to avoid getting swept up and overwhelmed by such emotions in the first place – such as bringing mindfulness into our lives. Mindfulness is currently very much ‘flavour of the moment’ and there is much being written about mindfulness, so I will focus on one aspect that particularly relates to emotional healing.

In ‘modern life’, there is often a rush towards the ‘quick fix’ or an approach that tries to change the moment (as it is being experienced) or manipulate it into something else or tries to deny the moment, by attempting to cover it with something else.

Before we rush to ‘fix’ or change our emotions, a powerful and healing approach is first to acknowledge the emotions and even honour them; gently turning towards them and recognising them for what they are. They are part of the unique and rich personal tapestry of our life – all our emotions serve a purpose, even those which feel challenging and unwanted. All emotions provide depth to our lives. One of the skills of applying a mindfulness approach is to be able to ‘be with’ the emotions as they are in that moment. To acknowledge them, to put them in perspective and even to know there can be valuable personal growth from such highly charged emotions - BUT, without getting overtaken by the emotions, hijacked and overwhelmed by them (in fact, getting stronger from them).

All of this is possible using meditation and mindfulness skills, which enable us to make life richer and more balanced – even the emotionally challenging moments!

To take the first steps of your personal emotional healing journey, get in contact with one of our leading experts who can advise you on the best programme to suit your individual needs. 

By Stuart Bold -  Mindfulness and Meditation Expert


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