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Clare M - 13 May 2016

My recent stay at Dhara Dhevi was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. I was after a detox and was enticed by the sound of the Juice Cleanse programme and how beautiful the resort looked so decided to give it a try. I was certainly not disappointed. I've done a detox retreat before and found it to be a gruelling experience, but this was different. The other treatments you receive alongside your set diet make things much more pleasant, and of course being in such stunning surroundings made the whole thing feel more like a holiday than a healthy retreat. I am so pleased with the results I saw and will definitely be returning in the future.

Sue P - 12 Sep 2016

As I've got older I've naturally become more concerned about my health so I decided to go on the Women's Health retreat at Dhara Dhevi for this reason. It was exactly the kind of thing I was after, a kind of health overhaul that has left me looking and feeling so much better. I loved the variation in the programme, the way it mixed exercise with spa treatments and the other therapies for a really well-rounded experience. I will certainly be recommending the retreat as well as Healing Holidays to all my friends.

RD - 6 Aug 2016

I came to Dhara Dhevi for the stress-management retreat and it was worth every penny. Before I had even started my programme just stepping foot in this tranquil resort was enough to already start melting my cares away, and by the time I had my first treatment I was already feeling much calmer than I had done in years. What I loved most about this programme however wasn't the relaxing treatments (which were amazing) but the wellness workshops which have equipped me with the tools to keep up my great results and continue to manage my stress levels now I'm back home.

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