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Karen - August 2019

I have always been a little sceptical of anti-ageing retreats but decided to give La Reserve Geneve a go anyway, if only for a pampering break and not really expecting to notice a difference. I have to say however that I was pleasantly surprised, not only do I feel much younger following my retreat, I'm sure I look younger too! The tailored diet works wonders, it gave me a renewed sense of energy I haven't felt in years, and I think it was this combined with the exercise and of course the pampering that make me look so much more radiant and youthful. Since getting back I can't recommend the Nescens Better Ageing programme enough.

Anne - September 2018

I've long accepted the fountain of youth doesn't exist but that doesn't stop me from trying every anti-ageing option that is out there in an attempt to turn back time, and I can say that the Nescens Better Ageing programme is certainly one of the most effective things I've tried. I think it's the way they combine diet, fitness, and spa in one retreat that makes it so effective, and particularly the way much of the retreat is tailored to your individual needs - everyone is different afterall! It's not just a case of looking younger but more importantly feeling younger and after my stay at La Reserve I feel completely recharged and ready to face the world. 

Pippa - May 2017

Thank you so much for recommending La Reserve Geneve and the Nescens Better Ageing programme, it was exactly what I needed. I feel healthier in every way since I returned, and keen to keep up what I leanred during my stay. The personal trainer sessions were invaluable, I feel  more  motivated than ever to look after my body a bit more, and with the dietary recommendations I received I'm sure I will be able to! I thought an anti-ageing retreat would just be a fancy and more expensive form of your average pampering retreat, but there is a lot more to the programme at La Reserve, it's an intensive programme that really does help you to feel much younger.

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