Metabolic & Weight Loss Henri Chenot Programme

L'Albereta , Italy

L'Albereta's Metabolic & Weight Loss Henri Chenot programme is designed to help you achieve weight loss in a short period of time.

Following a detailed medical analysis of your body and its current state of health, a personalised weight loss programme will be put together for you that includes a slimming diet, nutrition consultations, personal training sessions and various slimming treatments such as lypolitic laser therapy, which uses non-invasive diode lasers to reduce fat deposits on the arms, legs, abdomen and hips.

As part of your programme, you will also have access to the gym, indoor pool, sauna and group activities.

Benefits of the programme:
  • You’ll lose weight
  • You'll have greater self-confidence
  • You'll have more energy

Please note: Medical and anti-ageing consultations are compulsory at the start, during and at the end of the programme and are payable locally at a cost of approx. €200 plus tax per consultation

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Including transfers, accommodation, full board and a 14 night programme

Standard Inclusions
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board
14 Nights

This 14-night programme has the below inclusions. For more explanation on any of the wellness treatments please refer to our Glossary.    

  • Slimming dietary supplements
  • 1x Diagnostic screening with lifestyle biomarkers
    This test measures the accumulation of Advanced Glycation End products in your body’s tissue. These products play a key role in the development of age-related chronic diseases, so the detection of them enables appropriate treatments and lifestyle modifications to be prescribed to reduce their prevalence.
  • 1x Resting metabolic rate assessment
    This test provides an estimate of the number of calories you burn when your body is at complete rest.
  • 1x Cardiorespiratory assessment with fitness consultation
    An exercise test that analyses breath by breath how well the heart, arteries, veins and lungs are able to work together to transport oxygen to the muscles. The results from this test will help shape the basis of your personalised fitness programme.
  • 1x Postural and movement assessment
    A therapist assesses any postural imbalances and using their skilled hands performs simple manoeuvres to ease bone, muscle and joint problems and relieve the body of functional blockages.
  • 2x Body composition analysis
  • 3x Nutrition consultations (one at the start, one during and one at the end of the programme)
  • 4x Vital-Mix solutions
    Specially-formulated solutions consisting of strong doses of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which help the body to better defend itself against increased levels of free radicals, and slow down the ageing process.
  • 2x Chenot manual lymphatic drainage massages
  • 2x Chenot energetic massages
  • 4x Chenot abdominal or cellulite treatments
    The Chenot abdominal treatment is a gentle but deep manual massage in the abdomen area that moves toxins out of the body and improves bowel function. The Chenot cellulite treatment involves drainage and a deep massage of the targeted areas with the aid of Cellutec® (which allows a better absorption of the essential oils and algae used in the treatment, thereby accelerating the removal of cellulite).
  • 7x Hydro-Aromatherapies
  • 7x Phyto-Mud therapies
  • 7x Hydro-Jet treatments
  • 6x Personal training sessions (60 mins)
  • 4x Negative-Pressure exercise sessions
    This involves a body shaping treadmill that uses innovative negative pressure technology and infrared radiation. This is combined with a fat-burning training programme for the targeted reduction of fat and cellulite.
  • 5x Lipolytic laser sessions
    Using non-invasive diode lasers, this treatment reduces fat deposits on the arms, legs, abdomen and hips.
  • 5x Infrared vacuum massages
    Combining bipolar radio frequency, infrared light, vacuum suction and a mechanical body massage, this treatment has been proven to be extremely successful in treating cellulite in a safe, non-invasive way. 
  • Free access to the gym, indoor pool, sauna and steam bath
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