This programme aims to strengthen your immune system and activate new power, energy, and vitality within you by cleansing your body in a targeted manner. You will have the chance to recover your physical and mental wellbeing as you restore your metabolic balance. This all-encompassing approach to detox starts you with an initial consultation addressing your individual needs, as well as a series of tests and diagnoses to ascertain the current state of your body. 

Using your medical history, blood & urine analysis and body fat measurement etc. the type and amount of pollutants in your body will be identified. Based on this, you will be put on different treatments to remove these toxins from your body. The different treatments you can enjoy range from tailored detox infusions, digestive tract cleansing, and nutritional advice to help you maintain your results. During your time here you will also enjoy unlimited access to the spas, fitness centres, and daily fitness and relaxation classes and the thermal waters.

Sharing from £6885.00£6885.00 pp
Singles from £7520.00£7520.00 pp

Including, transfers, accommodation, full board and a 6 night programme

Standard Inclusions
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board 
6 Nights

This 6 night programme has the below inclusions:

  • Daily Ragazer Detox drink and Detox tea 
  • Special diet during colon cleansing and rebuilding of the intestinal flora
  • Comprehensive consultation including patient medical history 
  • Analysis by our specialist detox laboratory (endogenous and exogenous toxins)
  • Body composition (measurement of muscles and body fat) 
  • Ultrasound of the abdomen 
  • Cleansing of the digestive tract 
  • Introductory and intermediate consultation with our nutritionist, including analysis and evaluation of your current eating and drinking habits 
  • Planning of your individual Detox diet and Detox wellbeing treatments 
  • 3x Detox infusions as required 
  • Concluding consultation with your doctor and nutritionist (discussion of the test results and advice on how to maintain and improve your level of health) 
  • Personal health file 
  • Personalised support throughout the programme
  • 1x work-IT-out Pure Breath personal training session
  • 1x lymph drainage and 1 full-body medical massage 
  • Daily autonomous Kneipp therapy in Ragazer thermal water as well as group fitness and relaxation lessons according to the weekly schedule 
  • 3x Ericson full-body treatments to detoxify and firm up the tissue (1x Osmo Thermy, 1x Ericson X50 Body Matrix, 1x Ericson dietetics)
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