Mindfulness is the raw human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Learning to be more mindful and live in the present moment can renew energy and clarity. And whilst it is innate, it can be cultivated through proven techniques inserted into everyday life and then further merged with other meditation practices, such as yoga. Whether you are drawn to mindfulness to relieve depression, ease stress, improve your overall health and well being, tackle illness, or achieve spiritual enlightenment these retreats are for you.

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Absolute Anti-Stress Programme
Absolute Sanctuary | Thailand
5, 7 or 10 nights

Absolute Sanctuary delivers truly transforming results and long-lasting benefits for guests. This Anti-Stress and Burnout programme focuses on breaking the daily grind whilst revitalising the body, mind and spirit through a combination of relaxing & healing spa treatments, nourishing foods &…

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Singles from £1199.00£1199.00 pp
Spiritual Warrior
Sen Wellness Sanctuary | Sri Lanka
7 days

Escape to the sandy shores of Sri Lanka at Sen Wellness, founded as a universal space that stimulates growth and promotes healing by Sam Kankanamge. Situated in a national park, you will feel both calm and invigorated when you into contact with nature and wildlife. During the yoga re…

Sharing from £1065.00£1065.00 pp
Singles from £1435.00£1435.00 pp
Euphoria Yoga & Mindfulness
Euphoria Retreat | Greece
3, 5 or 7 days

Euphoria Yoga offers private one-to-one sessions with tailored programmes adjusted to your individual needs, skill level and preferred style (upon availability). The instructor will work closely with you to create a bespoke and tailored made practice to truly tune in to your body and lead you to yo…

Sharing from £1089.00£1089.00 pp
Singles from £1299.00£1299.00 pp
Thanyapura De-Stress Your Life
Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort | Thailand
3, 7, 14 or 21 nights

This programme is ideal for women and men who have high-stress levels and suffer from anxiety, constipation and poor sleep. Stress is a killer. Scientific research has proven that stress is a major source of health and lifestyle issues like anxiety, weight gain, and sleeplessness and often leads to…

Sharing from £1239.00£1239.00 pp
Singles from £1325.00£1325.00 pp
Absolute Mindfulness Programme
Absolute Sanctuary | Thailand
5, 7 or 10 nights

The Mindfulness programme is designed to help an individual feel truly at one with themselves. It helps them to find an inner peace and calm, putting aside the stresses and strains of modern-day life. Those that embark upon this special programme can expect to become more aware of their breath and …

Sharing from £1319.00£1319.00 pp
Singles from £1479.00£1479.00 pp
Shillim Dharana De-stress - MINBOS
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
5, 7 or 14 nights

Dharana- MINBOS (Mind Body & Soul) is a comprehensive program for busy executives who are always under stress and under high risk of major illnesses. The program provides preventive practices to help fight stress and its effects and eliminates it through therapies and lifestyle changes.

Sharing from £1319.00£1319.00 pp
Singles from £2019.00£2019.00 pp
Shillim Dharana Yogic Life
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
5, 7 or 14 nights

Delve into your consciousness, your true self & discover higher purposes of life. A unique combination of Yogic practices, Ayurveda & Sattvic Diet right at the foothills of Sahyadri will leave you with an experience like never before. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a healthy min…

Sharing from £1319.00£1319.00 pp
Singles from £2019.00£2019.00 pp
SAYANNA Mindfulness
EPIC SANA Algarve | Portugal
5 Nights

EPIC SANA's mindfulness retreat will help you gain a greater understanding of your mind and body patterns, and how to make them more positive. After an introduction to mindfulness, you’ll experience several hours of mindfulness sessions a day retraining your mind to live in the …

Sharing from £1519.00£1519.00 pp
Singles from £1729.00£1729.00 pp
Longevity Mindfulness
Vilalara Thalassa Resort | Portugal
3 nights

Take a well-deserved break with the Longevity Mindfulness Programme, learning how to manage stress and release tension. Here, you will embrace mindfulness and experience a greater sense of inner space, freedom, and joy. With one-to-one personal sessions with Shantidevi, you will have the …

Sharing from £1610.00£1610.00 pp
Singles from £1850.00£1850.00 pp
De-Stress and Renew
Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel | Portugal
7 nights

The pace and demands of modern life can lead to stress overload. Nutritional choices suffer as we make decisions on the go. Dependence on caffeine and sugar accelerates. Sleep quality deteriorates and we are left tired, strung out and susceptible to any number of physical, psychological and emotion…

Sharing from £1719.00£1719.00 pp
Singles from £2179.00£2179.00 pp
Exclusive to Healing Holidays
Vana Ashram
Vana | India
5 nights

Feel at home at Vana, consider it your refuge. While you rest your mind and body, find ways to just be. Enjoy Vana’s stillness and silence. Benefit from their repertoire of wellness traditions and participate in group sessions. Enjoy nature, music and meditating. Learn and assimilate. Encount…

Sharing from £1799.00£1799.00 pp
Singles from £2199.00£2199.00 pp
Yoga & Mindfulness
Amanbagh | India
4 or 7 nights

A physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India, yoga has been practiced for thousands of years to strengthen the body and calm the mind. Amanbagh’s minimum four-night Yoga & Mindfulness Immersion presents the full picture of yoga, introducing its many facets to…

Sharing from £2139.00£2139.00 pp
Singles from £3429.00£3429.00 pp
Sleep and De-stress
Six Senses Kaplankaya | Turkey
5 or 7 nights

Feeling tired, lacking energy, experiencing bouts of cold, suffering from headaches or finding it difficult to handle stress and adversity? Rest the mind and rejuvenate the body by combining practical advice from our Sleep Doctor with the many benefits of yoga nidra and meditation, as well as relax…

Sharing from £2729.00£2729.00 pp
Singles from £3599.00£3599.00 pp
Comprehensive Balance & Revitalise Programme
Kamalaya | Thailand
7 or 14 nights

This is a deeply restorative, healing and all-encompassing programme that is ideal for those already suffering the affects of adrenal burnout. Kamalaya use holistic methods to help combat the symptoms and causes of burn out, whilst teaching about stress prevention and focus…

Sharing from £3649.00£3649.00 pp
Singles from £4039.00£4039.00 pp
Chiva Som Emotional Wellbeing
Chiva-Som | Thailand
10 or 14 nights

Emotions greatly affect the body, so this retreat focuses on mastering the ability to control your stress, mood and overall well-being. Ideally for guests who feel intensely stressed or are lacking energy, this programme will rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. At the start of you…

Sharing from £6229.00£6229.00 pp
Singles from £8439.00£8439.00 pp
Chiva Som Tension Release
Chiva-Som | Thailand
10 or 14 nights

The build-up of tension can negatively impact our lives in many ways, which is why Chiva-Som has created their Tension Release retreat to help you escape tension-causing routines and find inner peace once more. During stay you will receive an initial consultation which will help highlight the ca…

Sharing from £6229.00£6229.00 pp
Singles from £8439.00£8439.00 pp
Mindfulness & Stress Management Intensive Immersion
Amanpuri | Thailand
5 nights

Every person’s circumstances and challenges are different, which is why your Immersion will be unlike anyone else’s. Taking your unique situation into consideration, this pathway will dramatically enhance your quality of life by mitigating the negative effects of ageing, stress and envi…

Sharing from £6699.00£6699.00 pp
Singles from £8299.00£8299.00 pp
AMANOI | Vietnam
3, 5 or 7 nights

This wellness immersion is perfect for renewing focus and concentration, to achieve a deep-rooted sense of peace and relaxation in a busy lifestyle. The programme highlights how practising Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and yoga etc. can help to reduce external stimuli, when living in a high-stress environment.…

Sharing from £8215.00£8215.00 pp
Singles from £10400.00£10400.00 pp
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