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Start planning your transformational journey today. We have a list of expert-led fixed date retreats across all our properties for you to choose from.

2020 Long Haul

In celebration of their 12-year anniversary, Absolute Sanctuary has created the exclusive Integrative Holistic Wellness programme. This programme is ideal for anyone committed to making changes to reach and maintain fitness and wellness goals. For that very reason, it strives to leave you confident and ready to take on the world.  

Kamalaya Wellbeing Sabbatical

For those wanting a deeply restorative wellness experience, Kamalaya's Wellbeing Sabbatical Programme is the perfect solution. This retreat is designed to counteract the stresses of contemporary lifestyles, such as exhaustion and even adrenal burnout, and guide you towards a healthier and more balanced life going forward.

2020 Short Haul

Being in harmony with yourself, perceiving and realising your purpose in life, experiencing inner peace – regardless of what is going on externally: the Energy Healing Retreat combines the Fountain of Youth rejuvenation package with Shamanic coaching units designed to guide body, mind and spirit in the direction of gratitude and deep joy.

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