In Residence at Vana

18/08/2019, Vana

Focussing on the period between November to December, Vana will host In-Residence wellness practitioners, creative artists and hopefully, spiritual masters too. These informal residencies will not be curated in the same way as what you find in the Retreat Programming Schedule. They will, however, provide Vanavasis opportunity to gain benefit from the experts, practitioners and masters in-residence in defined ways, through private or group sessions or other expressions. 

Dr John Brazier

Functional enhancement and recovery specialist

17 Oct -30 Oct 2019
During his stay, he will work with the Vana specialists and practitioners in addressing deeper and chronic wellbeing concerns. The consultants will have Dr John's treatments integrated into your wellness itinerary when and where found most needed and effective. His treatments have been proven effective in diagnosing faults, imbalances and compromises, looking for and treating the reason 'why' instead of the 'what'. It elicits a neurologic response to work synergistically with the body's immune system and its innate healing power. His session would focus on the nervous system to activate and support all of the necessary physiological functions for overall health and sense of wellbeing.Dr John is sought after for accelerated recovery, restoring alignment and balance, pain and chronic illness management, injury prevention, athletic improvement, healthy ageing and emotional healing.

Rowan Sommerville


01 Nov - 15 Nov 2019
As a writer, he will make himself available for one to one sessions with other Vanavasis throughout his stay. This might be to discuss a novel, memoir or short story or any project a Vanavasi may be dreaming about, or actively engaged in. He will discuss ideas for non-fiction projects, give assistance with writing in general or any topic mutually agreed across a broad spectrum of subjects including literature, food, poetry or even his own pursuit of Dharma. He will host few group discussions and a couple of communal dinners during his time here.

Rowan Somerville was born in London in 1966 and studied Literature at the University of Edinburgh. He has worked in film, television and radio. He is the author of two novels, The End of Sleep, shortlisted for the 2009 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, and The Shape of Her (2010)

Dr Myung Soo Kim

A veteran Qi gong master and Tai chi practitioner from Korea

01 Nov - 30 Nov 2019
Dr Kim, a veteran Qi gong master and Tai chi practitioner from Korea, will be in residence at Vana for the third time this November. He is a very gifted healer with decades of experience in treating many health conditions and restoring personal wellbeing. During his retreat residency at Vana, Dr Kim will host group sessions as well as offer private sessions.

Terry Liew

A master in Anma, the Traditional Japanese body treatment

02 Dec 2019 - 18 Dec 2019
A master in Anma, the traditional Japanese body treatment, Terry is the founder of the Shiatsu School in Singapore. Terry's treatments are particularly known for structural issues like back pain, knee pain, heel spurs, hormonal imbalance as well as stress relief. Terry is qualified in CAM practices such as Aromatherapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial release, Trigger point and Neuromuscular work and Advanced Myoskeletal work. This gives him the unique ability to customise his sessions to derive the best benefits and effects suitable to the individual. Yet, Terry confides that he tends to choose the Traditional Anma over other techniques most of the time as he finds it most effective.

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